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Specialised Shop and Sale of TV antennas, satellite technique, digital equipment for individual reception.
Big choice of TV and satellite components for your house or flat. We are able to improve present quality of your TV picture and add a lot of the other programmes according your requirements.
Installations of different sizes of individual antennas and dishes for family houses. enabling high quality reception of your TV favorite channels. Projects and consultations of individual TV networks.

Satellite installations

Complete delivery and installations of TV and satellite equipment, decoders. We will help you with the installation of your own instruments. You can have TV programmes from all satellites accessible in Czech Republic. Motorised dishes are available for more satellites. Than you can watch a big choice of English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch or Scandinavian speaking channels.

Sophisticated installations of 210 cm dishes for BBC 1, BBC 2 and ITV as free to air channels!

Unique and simple dish construction for your house or garden. Reception of SKY channels is available.

Authorized sale, renting and installation of UPC DIRECT systems

We are a distribution company and dealers of UPC. Complete offer of cable TV programmes – most of them in foreign languages.

Reconstructions or basic installations of common antennas for blocks of flats or hotels.

New digital Czech or foreign programmes for housing estates.

Homevideo Sysems.

We are ready to deliver and install homevideo system with Dolby Digital system, so you can enjoy movies in rich dynamic surround sound, HDTV systems, etc.

Tel.: 222514083, 602807034

email: ondrej.may@seznam.cz

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